Commissions and Hospitality Intent Work



Private and Designer Commissions

Most artists do not enjoy doing commission work. They find the clients too demanding and intimidating; I thrive on it. With a bachelors’ degree in interior design, I have an excellent understanding of the design process and how important it is to have a cohesive and complete interior space.

I am flexible and able to working within a client’s objective or under the designer’s direction. This is a process that must be done with care and understanding. Using color corrected samples or fabric swatches for exact color matches are imperative. Success happens when there is good communication between designers, clients and the artist.


Hospitality Intent Work

Executing commission work within the “design intent” is a mainstay of my artist painting business.  Working from a PDF file, I can adapt an image that is uniquely original but still functions within the intent of PDF’s formatted design. This work is completed within a deadline and budget. I have completed over 98 pieces of work that have been shipped all over the world.

Enjoy viewing a few examples of my commissions and intent work.


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