Exterior Acylic Paintings


Exterior Garden Art:

Developed and tested in my studio is a new line of sophisticated art for the patio and garden.  This work has been created to withstand the elements of the exterior environments with moderate care.  Each unique piece of art comes ready to hang in your yard from a tree, fence or a “free-standing” structure that allows the art to hang independently.
Each piece is an original.  With approval of design and deposit, completed work is shipped to your location in an estimated 4 weeks.  During the creation process, photos of the work are emailed to the client or professional.

The Artist:

I am a published artist and creator of original works.  My art work has been sold for residential, commercial, and hospitality applications. Custom paintings for interior designers and private clientele are a mainstay of my studio.  My art can be boldly contemporary, representational and abstract.  Each work created for you is an individual piece of art.
Most artists do not enjoy doing commission work. These artists often find the clients too demanding and intimidating.  These are challenges that push me to do my best work.  With a bachelors’ degree in interior design, I have an excellent understanding of the design process and how important it is to have a cohesive and complete interior or exterior space.

Interior or Exterior Commissions’

I am flexible and able to work within a client’s objective or under the direction of an industry professional.  This is a process that must be done with care and understanding.  Using Pantone color samples or fabric swatches for exact color matches is imperative.  Success happens when there is good communication between professionals, clients, and the artist.  Executing commission work within the “design intent” is a mainstay of my artist business.  Working with my web site, design portfolio or a PDF file, I can adapt an image that is uniquely original but still functions within the intent of PDF’s format.  All work is completed within a deadline and budget.  Over 110 pieces of work that have been shipped all over the world.
Professional References:

Theodora Michailides
Living Green Design Solutions



Anthony Exter
Anthony Exter Landscape Design


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